Peter Staríček (*1981) was born in Svidník (Slovakia). He lived in Bardejov for almost 25 years, then he moved to Žilina where he spent another 10 years, since 2015 he lives and works in Bratislava. He graduated from law and later from italian language and culture. As an external dramaturg for literature and moderator of literary programs, he collaborated with the Stanica - Záriečie club in Žilina ( He is currently engaged in his legal practice (as attorney). He writes and translates poetry from Italian and English to Slovak. Occasionally, he writes reviews and lyrics of songs.

In 2009, his debute - collection of poems "Chodec" (Walker) was published (publisher house: DALi, Košice).

In 2011, in cooperation with Kateřina Kubánková (artistic designer) they created a tactile book "Zatúlané bodky" (Lost Dots) for visualy impaired readers.

While studying Italian language and culture, he focused on the work of the Italian poet Dino Campana.

Other publication activities: Slovak, Czech & Polish literary magazines & anthologies

Translations: French, Polish, English

He is a winner-laureate of several Slovak & Czech literary awards.